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This is a page of resources for HLP tutors. 


You are also encouraged to join our private facebook group and contribute there. 


Here is the form to electronically submit your Monthly Time Report. Your anonymized data will be sent to California State Library Literacy Services, and they use it to determine parts of our funding, so thank you for your timely participation. Please try to report each month's time before the 10th of the following month. 


Here is the Roles and Goalsform that we need you and your learner to print, complete, and mail or email to us, twice a year. Keep a copy for yourself so you can update it in six months and track your progress with your learner. We will remind you when we need it. We will remove all personally identifying information and share the rest with California State Library Literacy Services. This helps literacy projects throughout California to understand and serve our learners' ever-evolving needs. Please note: This is a great tool for communicating with your learner, and a great way to track your progress. It can also be overwhelming at first sight, to both you and your learner! Take your time, fill out only the parts that are relevant to you and your learner, and don't try to do this at your introductory meeting.  


Here are some reminders of the things we talked about in Orientation. 


And because literacy alone is not enough, here's a short video about analyzing the quality of information we receive. 


Below are some more resources for you and your learner. We'll be adding to them periodically, so feel free to recommend the sites, books, and other materials that work for you. Remember, the best teaching materials usually come from your learner's everyday life. But if there is something you would like to try that isn't currently in HLP's resources, please let us know so we can purchase it and loan it to you.  

​  This site is an excellent reservoir of worksheets. 

News and current events written for low literacy levels, with audio accompanying text: HLP will pay for a subscription if your learner really wants to read current news. 

​   A good resource for tutors. 

​ This site is useful for the learner. 

Online Resources for Tutors and Learners

Free Apps for ESL Learners

Duolingo App

Memrise App

English Phrasal Verbs App


Free Youtube Lessons for ESL Learners

Learn English with Jennifer

Everyday English Conversation Practice


Free Web Resources for ESL Learners


Talk English

I'm - English Speaking Lessons on Expressions and Phrasal English

ESL Gold

Many Things

Free Resources for Literacy Tutors


Reading Skills for Today

Adult Literacy League

RESOURCES - Adult Literacy League


Free Resources for ESL Tutors

ISL Collective


English Page

Dave’s ESL Cafe



TED Talks - great for advanced listening practice

Voice of America - written articles and audio news

Google Translate



Chat GPT

Playful Learning Ideas

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